The theories of groups and manifolds have powerful applications to problems in neuroscience and machine learning. Yet, connections between these fields remain under-explored. We're a group of researchers working together to deepen our mathematical background and explore these exciting connections. Along the way, we're curating a collection of resources to help ourselves and others get up to speed on these ideas.

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What is a Lie Group?

What is Differential Geometry?

Core Material

Each week there will be material to view and problems to guide understanding.


Before each meeting, all members are expected to

  1. Review the week's material
  2. Sign up to present their written solution to at least one problem
  3. Bring a question, inspiration, connection, or application

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Visiting Speakers

Invited talks from researchers in geometric learning, computer vision, and related areas. If there's anyone you'd like to invite, please email Christian Shewmake.


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